March 17, 2017
Learning Through the Senses
~Explore, Engage, Energize, at the Symposium

sponsored by AEYC Southeast Alaska
MARCH 17 & 18, 2017

Join us for over 20 breakout sessions on all aspects of social emotional development with keynote speaker Carol Stock Kranowitz, MA.

Thursday March 16: Pre Conference Seminar
Advocacy Leadership with Linda Chamberlain
Friday and Saturday March 17, 18 :  Full Day Symposium

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Conference Rates
  NAEYC Member Non-Member
Full Conference $175 $245
Friday Only w/Lunch $135 $205
Saturday Only w/Lunch $135 $205

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Guest Speakers

Carol Stock Kranowitz, M.A. observed many children with Sensory Processing Disorders and mild autism during her 25-year career as a preschool music and movement   teacher.  To help them become more competent in their work and play, she began to study sensory processing and sensory integration (“SI”) theory.  She learned to help identify her young students’ needs and to steer them into early intervention.  Today, she speaks internationally about SPD's effect on children’s learning and behavior and how families, teachers, therapists and other professionals can help. Her first book in the “Sync” series, The Out-of-Sync Child, has sold one million copies.
A Barnard College graduate, Carol earned her master's in Education and Human      Development from George Washington University.  She lives in Bethesda, plays the cello, and has five grandchildren. 
Tom Bedard, MEd, is internationally known for his expertise in sensory play. Working in the field of early childhood education in Minnesota for 38 years, Tom has taught  thousands of children representing diverse backgrounds and abilities, in all age groups from infants to preschoolers.   His particular interest in the field has been to promote and analyze exploration in the area of the classroom devoted to sensory play to better understand children’s curiosity and competence in all areas of development.  Through international, national, regional, and local presentations and through blogging on sand and water tables,  he has created a stage for parents and practitioners from all over the world to reflect on children as learners and inspire them to imagine new  possibilities for dynamic play and learning at the sensory table.
Amanda Morgan, holds a BA in both elementary and early childhood education and an MS in family and human development. Her experience includes teaching preschoolers, grade-schoolers, college students, teachers, and parents.  She writes, speaks, and   consults on the topic of intentional, whole child development and is the creator of the blog, Not Just Cute.  In her free time, she can  be found exploring the Pacific
Northwest with her husband and four boys.
Linda Chamberlain, PhD,  specializes in childhood exposure to violence and brain development, is the founding director of the Alaska Family Violence Prevention Project, and an internationally renowned keynote speaker. Dr. Chamberlain is known for her ability to translate science into practical information with diverse audiences. Her passionate belief that everyone can make a difference conveys a message of hope and opportunity. Dr. Chamberlain holds faculty appointments at the University of  Alaska and Johns Hopkins University. She earned her public health degree from Yale School of Medicine and her doctorate from Johns Hopkins. Dr. Chamberlain has published extensively. She lives on a rural homestead outside of Homer, Alaska with her husband and dog team.
Pre Conference Seminar
Advocacy Leadership: Leading for Social Change
with Dr. Linda Chamberlain

March 16th 4:00-7:30 at Centennial Hall
Sponsored by Juneau Youth Services, Early  Childhood Mental Health Consultation, and thread
Leadership development can enhance our potential to work effectively as a team and lead for social change. Using brain-based strategies, we will examine key concepts for leadership and teamwork including six strategies from “Lessons from the Trail,” an innovative curriculum that uses examples from dog mushing to demonstrate collaborative leadership, the importance of mentoring, team communication, and other essential skills to maximize our leadership potential and adapt to changing terrain.
Participants will receive 3 hours in the CDA content areas of Program Management and Professionalism. The cost for this seminar is $22.50 and is not included in the conference cost.  Dinner will be provided.
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